Would You Prefer This Rumored Original Story Of ‘Batman v Superman?

Did you know that the rumored original “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie was more of a “Batman AND Superman”?

Many may agree that BvS did not live up to its expectation of an epic brawl between two of DC’s most iconic superheroes. There are quite a number of reasons for this but it cannot be denied that one of which was its somewhat chaotic story. Many also disapproved of Jesse Eisenberg’s version of Lex Luthor. Another factor why the movie was not well received by many is the inclusion of Doomsday as a minor villain which was supposed to have a great impact on Superman’s existence (and death). A lot also felt the movie had the need to insert as many Justice League characters as possible which felt kind of sloppy and rushed.


Be that as it may, the rumored original story of the movie did not have all of these. A source who works with BvS writer David Goyer and Warner Bros shared with Bobby Anhalt from Moviepilot of how the film would have been.

The source may not have procured a hard copy of the original script but he (or she) was able to come by the original story in their earlier meetings. Instead of Batman going against Superman, they would have gone with both characters teaming up. The original title of the film was “World’s Finest” which refers to Batman and Superman as this planet’s greatest superheroes.

In the original synopsis, Lois Lane would be sent to a terrorist group in order to investigate their activities. The terrorists kills the crew except Lois so that they have someone who will send their message. Superman rescues Lois but the terrorist leader, threatened by the superhero, detonates the bomb and kill their group but not without taking some innocent lives.

United Nations then prohibit Superman from intervening in such delicate matters because they presume that he caused the terrorists to take drastic action and, as a result, killed civilians. Lex Luthor, during this time they considered either Joaquin Phoenix or Bryan Cranston to play the role, would offer Krypton technology to the US President (also head of the United Nations) in order to stop Superman. However, the President believes that Superman is benevolent and declined the offer.

Meanwhile in Gotham City, KGBeast leads the same group of terrorists in the earlier part employs the same Krypton technology Lex offered to the US President and destroys Wayne Enterprises. In BvS, Callan Mulvey portrays KGBeast’s alter ego Anatoli Knyazev. With Bruce Wayne’s company brought down to ashes, Batman is forced to retirement. For this reason, he acknowledges that he needs help and decides to contact Superman.

Elsewhere, Lexcorp is seen secretly developing suits infused with Kryptonite. It is revealed that Lex is working with KGBeast and one of the super suits will then be don by him. This makes KGBeast resemble “Metallo,” one of the many Superman super villains. It is brought to light that it was Lex who orchestrated the destruction of Wayne Enterprises, a tough contender on his technology empire. Lex Luthor also ordered KGBeast to assassinate the US President because he believes the nation’s leader is unfit to rule for refusing his offer.

KGBeast/Metallo attacks Washington but the superheroes arrive and attempt to nullify this threat. Despite having difficulty at first because the Krypton suits weaken Superman and Batman was overwhelmed by the number of terrorists, the heroic duo eventually saves the day. For the full version of the origin story, check it out from Moviepilot.

This version certainly takes out the elements that may have ruined “Batman v Superman” – No Jesse Eisenberg, no mention of Justice League, no Doomsday. But whether it would have been a better film than what we saw in the theatres, we really can’t tell. I, for one, would prefer Batman duking it out with Superman (an element which this version did not have) but having no Doomsday and no rushed insertions of Justice League seems promising. Don’t know if you will agree with me but Superman’s encounter with Doomsday should have its own movie.

How about you? Would you rather that we have the theatrical release ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ or the rumored original ‘World’s Finest’ story?

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