Batman Music: Prince Dead at 57

Prince, one of the many artists who created music for Batman, died at age 57.

Some of Prince Rogers Nelson’s music was used as soundtrack to Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989. He recorded nine songs for the movie and two which were featured in some of the film’s most crucial parts. “Partyman” was played when The Joker, portrayed by Jack Nicholson, and his bodyguards vandalized a museum. The song also featured the voice of Anna Fantastic, Prince’s girlfriend during that time. The scene where The Joker held his own parade and threw away money at random to the people of Gotham is when Prince’s “Trust” is being played in the background.

The nine songs that Prince made for the movie was produced into his 11th studio album. It was entitled “Batman” and was released last June 20, 1989 by Warner Bros. Records. Back then, the album topped the Billboard albums chart and sold over 11 million copies. During its release, one of the album’s single “Batdance” sat at number one in R&B and Billboard charts, “Scandalous!” reached top 5 on the R&B charts while “The Arms of Orion” (along with Sheena Easton) reached the 36th spot. Other songs included in the album are The Future, Electric Chair, Vicki Waiting, and Lemon Crush.

Michael Keaton, the actor privileged to play as the Batman in Tim Burton’s film, expressed via Twitter how unmatched Prince’s talent was.

According to the TMZ, Prince’s body was found in Paisley Park in Minnesotta early morning of April 21, 2016. Last April 15, he had a medical emergency while travelling in his private jet but he was able to make it to his concert the next day. Aside from having almost missed such concert, he cancelled two of his shows in a much previous time due to problems with his health. He is known to have been afflicted with flu.

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