Karen Fukuhara Reveals A Bit About Suicide Squad [Video]

After “Batman v Superman,” the next movie in line from the DC universe is “Suicide Squad.” ComicBook got the chance to talk to Karen Fukuhara with regards to the movie and her role as Katana.

Karen is a Japanese-American martial arts champion and actress who was both raised in Japan and in Los Angeles, California. Prior to being picked for the role of Katana, she has done acting for various shows — worthy of note among these is the Disney Channel.

As for her character in Suicide Squad, Katana’s real name is Tatsu Yamashiro. Karen described her as a “loyal protector and fierce warrior” which is quite fitting for a samurai-type of comic book character. Katana are the signature historical swords that the Japanese warriors used. Speaking of the historical blade and their tendency to be cursed, Katana’s weapon is the “Soultaker” which has the ability to absorb the souls of its victims and store them. The wielder has also the power to summon these souls or communicate with them. Karen mentioned that Katana’s husband Maseo is one of these souls and we have yet to see how that plays into the plot of the movie. She obviously tries to hold back on information regarding her character and the movie.

Interestingly, she was able to do all of her own stunts save one dive. She has her stunt coordinator and director to thank for. She also shared a bit about Jared Leto’s Joker method acting which, in her opinion, is “phenomenal.” She even went as far as to say that she never “met Jared” since she only saw the Joker Jared and she even wants to try method acting someday but finds it scary as well. She did not have the chance to see Ben Affleck as Batman on set but she certainly loved “Batman V Superman” and is very excited to see “Suicide Squad.”

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