How Will ‘The Flash’ Get His Powers Back?

In episode 19 “Back to Normal” of “The Flash,” we get to see Barry Allen in action without his super powers and we also get a possible answer on how The Flash will get his powers back.

Barry struggles as he is reduced to normal after losing his Speed Force to Hunter Zolomon. Among the many things that happened in the last episode, I believe there was no compelling need for The Flash to give up his power in such a naïve and honorable way. Anyways with The Flash speed powers gone, Barry will have to rely on his other skills. This goes to show that, like Batman, anyone can become a superhero whether or not you have a superpower or not.

In the episode, we see that Zoom truly cares for Caitlin Snow. As to what it is exactly that leashes Hunter to her, a hidden agenda of some sorts still remains to be seen. We all know the villainous speedster to be murderous but, for some reason, he gives her the freedom to roam around her prison where she finds her Earth-2 counterpart – the villain Killer Snow.

Naturally, the evil doppelganger makes a deal with Cait to help her escape if is to be set free. Conversation between Caitlin and Killer Snow also reveals that the latter had a brother, named Charlie, who died. This might fall an important role in the future episodes. Once free, however, Killer Snow attempts to kill her rescuer. She believes the only reason why Zoom locks her up is because she looks like his love interest – the Caitlin of Earth-1. For this reason, the cold villain decided to dispose of her Earth-1 counterpart and threw an ice dagger towards the Cait’s direction. Zoom intervened and stabbed Killer Snow with the projectile instead. It appears that Zoom orchestrated such event so that Caitlin would look at him differently, but she is not convinced. Regardless, Hunter declared that he will conquer other worlds and he took Caitlin with him.

We also get the chance to delve deeper into Harrison and Jesse Wells father-daughter relationship. But before that, Harrison appears to be disappointed with Barry’s decision of giving The Flash’s Speed Force to Zoom. As far as I recall, Harry was just going along with transferring the transfer of speedster powers without a hint of disapproval. He was blatant, though, of his intention to stop Zoom.

Moving forward, Harry was able to track his daughter Jesse because people not from this Earth vibrates differently. Once they do meet, she rejects him due to the murder of Turtle and she blames her for what happened to them. Later, Harry is intercepted and kidnapped by a certain Griffin Grey. This guy obviously confuses him for Harrison Wells of Earth-1 but he did so in order to try to get a cure from him. He was one of the many victims who got caught in the particle accelerator explosion – it gave him superhuman strength but using it causes him to age considerably fast.

In the comic books, Griffin Grey was Bart Allen’s friend and roommate. Upon gaining super powers, he became a superhero but he wanted the spotlight all for himself so he took on The Flash. It appears he’s going to be a disposable villain in this episode. Barry’s forensic skills was put to good use and it helped him track who kidnapped Harry. In the Team Flash’s initial encounter with Griffin, Barry was able to witness how the metahuman ages as a consequence of using his powers. Griffin escapes, but the team was able to track the villain’s hideout using Harry’s watch designed to track metahumans. Once there, The Flash confronted Griffin and they had the kidnapper use all up his strength – even going far as to have The Flash absorb one of the punches using a dwarfstar alloy attached to the hero’s suit. Eventually, Griffin’s body aged and gave in to exhaustion which caused his death. With the father and daughter reunited and exchanged apologies, it seems both will be staying with the team.

Another paternal relationship in the episode is between Wally and Joe West. Wally, after having been saved by The Flash, wants to thank the superhero personally because “no one has done such thing for him and that he wants The Flash to know how that means to him.” With this, Joe setup a meeting between Wally and The Flash. This is a momentous event for Wally since this may be crucial to him becoming The Kid Flash in the future.

As for how The Flash will regain his powers, being kidnapped by a victim of his doppelganger’s accidental experiment made Harry realize that he must pay for what he has done. He intends to cause another particle accelerator explosion in order to help Barry regain the speed force of The Flash.

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