Black Canary Is Alive! Or Is She?

In this week’s “Arrow” season 4 episode 19, we get to hear the “Canary Cry” once again.

So does this mean Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) is still alive?

We are taken back to a May 2013 at Tommy Merlyn’s funeral when Laurel delivered her own eulogy which was supposed to be done by Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who watches from a distance. This scene will prove crucial later on in the episode.

Moving back to present day, we see the doctor hand over Black Canary’s costume and things to Oliver. Thanks to doctor-patient privilege, Doctor Schwartz (Venus Terzo) won’t be spilling the beans on the Black Canary’s true identity to the public. While all of Team Arrow  are dealing with this tragic loss, perhaps no one is greatly affected as Laurel’s father, Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne).

Oliver might be the “world expert in blaming one self” but it appears we have a new contender with John Diggle (David Ramsey). John blames himself for getting the Black Canary killed for trusting his brother Andy (Eugene Byrd), who has been working for Darhk all along, than listening to Oliver’s advice. They then get distracted by the television announcement of assistant district attorney Laurel Lance’s death.

Coincidentally someplace else in the city, an illegal weapons dealing is thwarted by none other than Black Canary. She is capable of utilizing Laurel’s “Canary Cry” device. Could this be a mysterious vigilante masquerading as Black Canary or is Laurel just pretending to be dead?

The news eventually reached Team Arrow and everyone is shocked to see Black Canary back in action, without consulting them no less. Quentin is still in denial of his daughter’s death and is positive that Laurel’s not dead after all. But John feels that something is different and Oliver confirms this by revealing that Laurel’s sonic scream device is missing. It was also revealed that no one is capable of using the device since it has been calibrated to Laurel’s voice alone.

To answer Quentin’s hope that Laurel has returned, Oliver took him to the morgue where they confirm that his daughter’s body is still resting. Now this could only mean that someone else took the Canary device. The doctor divulged that there has been a frequent flyer, a patient who goes in and out of the emergency room to get treated. Unfortunately due to doctor-patient privilege, the doctor can’t tell him her name.

But not to worry since Thea Queen (Willa Holland) was able to see the new Black Canary’s real face when she removed her mask and reveals to be other than Laurel. Thea got a close encounter with the copycat Canary when she was with Alex Davis (Parker Young) in a restaurant. The impostor was going to assassinate Alex since she believes he “work for them.”

Thea contacted Oliver and the Green Arrow is now tailing the fake Black Canary. When he got her into a corner, she accuses the Green Arrow of being a deserter for abandoning “them” at Reddington. As to who “they” were is still a mystery at this point. The Black Canary copycat was able to make away thanks to Laurel’s sonic device, which is now able to get past Green Arrow’s ear plugs. Not only that, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) says that the sonic device is modified to blast more decibels than the one used by the original Black Canary.

Back at the team’s hideout, the team discuss that Reddington is a location for HIVE’s experiments and Alex was working for Ruve Darhk, (Janet Kidder) who is also known as the city’s mayor Ruve Adams. By checking female persons who were missing during Christmas, they were able to arrive at a certain Evelyn Crawford Sharp (Madison McLaughlin). The puzzle pieces now fits as it was her family whom Green Arrow left at Reddington to die with her parents possibly suffocated by HIVE’S gas chambers.

It is important to note that in the comic books, a certain Evelyn Crawford was a member of Black Canary’s Birds of Prey. She is also known as Starling and this might lead her to becoming such vigilante and joining Team Arrow. Whether this will eventually develop in the later part of the series, only time will tell.

Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) sends her condolences to Quentin who wants to revive Laurel using the Lazarus Pit. However, Nyssa has already destroyed the revival pit. This does not stop Quentin as he is determined to bring Laurel back to life. Nyssa is alarmed and she warns Oliver.

The blame of Laurel’s death has consumed John completely that he resorted to recklessly attacking Ruve and interrogate her for Andy’s location. The mayor remained adamant despite receiving a good smack in the face. But Green Arrow stopped him from hurting Ruve further. John was enraged but the Green Arrow was able to comfort him by telling him that they should not resort to actions that emulate the Darhks’ methods.

Speaking of the devil, the mayor declared to have the masked vigilantes arrested on sight for physically attacking her and her chief of staff Alex. She also went as far as to accuse the Black Canary as one of the many criminals responsible for Laurel Lance’s death. The copycat Canary is not going to have this so she decided to assassinate Ruve Darhk. Team Arrow needs to stop her since the assassination could paint the Black Canary’s reputation the wrong way.

In Star City Plaza Hotel, Evelyn stalks the shadows and makes her way to Ruve’s location. But before she could shoot the mayor dead, the Green Arrow tried to talk her out of it. She was eventually convinced when she was asked what the real Black Canary would have done. When asked why Evelyn masqueraded as the Black Canary, she tells the Green Arrow that the real Black Canary was present when Evelyn was taken prisoner by HIVE. Due to the assassination attempt and the mayor’s capacity to manipulate the media, the Black Canary might be remembered differently from now on.

At the end of the episode, we see the team at Laurel’s funeral and give her a proper send off. – even Evelyn was there. Oliver revealed to those present at Laurel’s funeral that she was the real Black Canary. Oliver shares that she would want everyone to save the city and that she should be remembered as a hero.

Interestingly, Barry Allen was present at the funeral but he already has his Speed Force at this time. Could this hint that his powers has returned? Also, Felicity compels Oliver to find a way to kill Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough). Will the Green Arrow find a way to put down Darhk permanently? Do you think this is a good enough proper send off for Black Canary?

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