Tom Cavanagh Talks About Who Is Going To Die In ‘The Flash’ Season Finale [Video]

Hector Navarro and Tom Cavanagh talks about The Flash, Reverse Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow while the Tom helps Hector fix his time machine.

Tom shares more about Harrison Wells, his character from “The Flash” TV show. In the next episode, Harry intend to build a second particle accelerator in order to bring Barry Allen’s powers back. Surely, this attempt is not going to be without some serious repercussions.

This could spell the creation of more bad guys and allies in the persons of, if I might be permitted to add my own assumptions, Jesse Quick and Wally West’s Kid Flash. They seem to be the focus of last week’s “Back to Normal” episode. Though the addition of less-evil speedsters is highly unlikely, I believe that the show need more allies with super powers to help out with The Flash.

Back to the DC entertainment channel clip, Tom jokingly reveals Harry’s middle name. He also tried to justify the actions of his character in season 1 about being wrongly labelled as an “evil” character. Tom also gave some teasers about the TV series’ season 2 finale episode 23 where a lot of “crazy stuff happens.” As to what these events are, the details still remains to be seen. This means three more episodes for the speedster’s series before we hit yet another surprising and unexpected finale.

Tom is seen wearing a Reverse Flash ring which many mistake to be a Sinestro Corps ring, most likely due to the latter’s signature yellow color. When shown the Reverse Flash figure, he is at awe at how the details of the statue are much the same as his body structure. Before Tom could share his insights on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, he slips away into a time travel portal along with the Reverse Flash figure.

Hector continues without Tom and tells us more of “Arrow” new episode. In order to kill Damien Darhk, Oliver Queen will have to consult a friend who dabbles in dark magicks. Constantine, perhaps? Personally, I would love to see Matt Ryan don the trenchcoat again as John Constantine. But we will see Ollie learn more about magic from one of Constantine’s allies instead. The Green Arrow goes to Hub City, the place where Victor Sage can be found — he is also known as The Question. Meanwhile, John Diggle sets out to find his brother Andy and exact revenge. On the other hand, Thea will take a vacation but it won’t be as relaxing as planned.

As for “DC’s Legends or Tomorrow,” the team have captured Vandal Savage and they intend to take him to Vanishing Point, a dimension that is not influenced by the normal space and time continuum. But does this mean Team Legends will finally be able to take down this immortal dictator for good? Being one who has lived for countless of centuries, this villain might prove more daunting to eliminate than the team initially imagined. If the team does manage to end Savage’s life and his reign of terror, what would each member of the team do about their future?

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