Zoom Takes Over Central City With ‘The Flash’ Gone; Who Will Stop Him?

In Season 2 Episode 20, will Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) finally get his powers back and return as “The Flash”?


It appears this is going to be another episode without The Flash because Barry is still reluctant about recreating the accident. He is thinking about the repercussions that it previously had – portals to other dimensions and meta-humans getting created. This despite Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) reassuring that he has found a way to contain the explosion. Can’t trust a scientist, eh? This makes it look like Wells is more determined to get Flash’s powers back, probably due to his contempt for Zoom (Teddy Sears) and his intent on wiping the smug clean out of the evil speedster’s face.

In order to keep crime in check, Team Flash momentarily employs a holographic image of The Flash. The use creative ways to get the Flash illusion to assist the police where one smart method was to block the criminals’ vision by circling around their vehicle and allowing the police to apprehend them. Barry provided the image through motion capture while Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) controls the illusion directly.

Fun Fact: While controlling the Flash mirage, Cisco let out a “Leroy” battle cry. This is in reference to “Leroy Jenkins,” a player in World of Warcraft video game who called out his name while dashing in recklessly despite his team having prepared a highly calculated strategy.

Feeling powerless and confused about whether to move forward with Wells’ experiment, Barry turns to his father Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) for advice and brings him to the Flash headquarters – and he might stay there for a long time. Recreating the particle accelerator explosion to give Barry his powers certainly took longer to decide than to give the Speed Force to an already powerful enemy. On the brighter side of things, Henry reveals that his mother’s maiden name is Garrick. Could this revelation have something to do with the person behind the iron mask held captive by Zoom? Some might have established the masked man to be Earth-1 Jay Garrick but is there a possibility

Cisco felt the need and catches up with his brother Dante Ramon (Nicholas Gonzalez) after getting a vision of him. They never got close despite having been through a lot under the hands of Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell). The sibling reunion was interrupted by a meta-human wielding a scythe looking for Vibe. He unmasks himself as Dante’s doppelganger from Earth-2 and is intent in killing Cisco, holding him responsible for Reverb’s death. Luckily, Dante and Cisco were able to get away in time but not without asking why they were attacked by madmen with weird weapons.

Harrison recalls that back in Earth-2, Zoom killed all the policemen and recruited meta-humans at his side and disposing those who disobey. When Zoom threatened the Central City Police Department, Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) was able to talk him out of it. While Zoom’s plan involves eliminating those who oppose him, he does not want to be alone. He believes that Caitlin will eventually come to his side once she unlocks the darkness inside her. After all, he has Caitlin’s Earth-2 counterpart Killer Frost as living proof of that. Interestingly, this

Zoom finds out that the police are setting up at Jitters again so he sends Rupture to take care of them. Without the villainous speedster knowing, Caitlin was able to warn Team Flash of Rupture’s task. The Team devised a strategy in order to stop Rupture. At Jitters, they were able to stop Rupture by distracting him with a Flash apparition pretending to lose in a manner worthy of an Oscar while the police captured the scythe villain using tasers. Zoom responds to his henchman’s failure by eliminating the guards as well as executing Rupture himself. When Cisco saw Rupture dead at Zoom’s hands, the imagery was too real that he felt as if he has lost his own brother. Back to Zoom, he spares the police captain and Joe West (Jesse Martin) so that the two can warn the others not to interfere with his nefarious plans. This appears to have tipped the favor towards Zoom as well since it gave him the opportunity to tell everyone via a news report that Flash is no more. With the news of the absence of the speedster superhero, the other meta-humans will certainly go out of hiding and might end up getting recruited by Hunter Zolomon. Without The Flash being able to stop these superhumans, this certainly does not bode well for Central City.

Their defeat at Jitters convinced Barry to go with Harry’s proposition, especially since one of the murdered cops probably had kids who were orphaned due to Flash’s absence. Harry explains that no unnecessary accidents will occur since he will be isolating the matter to Barry instead of the city. He also requested Cisco to generate a lightning storm and funnel it using the wand made for Mark Mardon (or was it the Harry Potter convention?).

The team had to make precautions against Zoom so they placed Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) and Jesse Wells (Violett Beane) in a sanctuary nearby. The rest of the team then started recreating everything that happened the night when Barry got his Flash powers. At the cue of Cisco’s Expecto Patronum, the particle explosion created a lightning ball which unexpectedly disintegrates Barry. It also breaks through the vacuum where it hits both Jesse and Wally who managed to break free from their haven. Oops. This appears to be a miscalculation on Harry’s end and it cost him Barry’s life and most likely, Wally and Jesse’s lives too.

Could this spell the end for The Flash and Barry Allen? Is there a possibility that he was just sent to another dimension? Earth-2 perhaps? While we let The Flash’s death sink in, let’s acknowledge the possible birth of two new speedsters in the person of Jesse Quick and Kid Flash. In the comic books, Jesse Quick is a female speedster and ally to The Flash but her real name is Jesse Chambers. Wally West, on the other hand, is someone many would be familiar with as the wise cracking Flash in the Justice League animated series. With the disappearance of the original Flash and the coming of these new speedsters, the next two (or more) episodes are going to be interesting!

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