New Pop! Surf’s Up Batman, Joker coming in July

The new Pop! Heroes line will include Batman Classics Surfs Up! Batman and Surfs Up! Joker!

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Both are modeled after a 1966 live action episode of Batman titled “Surf’s Up, Jokers Under.” The episode involves the Joker challenging Batman to a surfing contest to takeover the beach, and, err, Gotham by extension. I love seeing Funko turn a piece of Batman history into a seriously involved Pop! that represents true obscurity. These Pops! will sell out quickly for their sheer quirkiness and irresistibility. Surf’s Up Batman Pop! and Joker are available for pre-order at Wildcard Toys.


This is definitely not the Gotham Knight, nor sadistic Joker, we’ve seen in recent Batman films.

header_bgPre-order the Surf’s Up! Batman and Surf’s Up! Joker Pops! at Wildcard Toys!

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