New Funko Batmobile Dorbz Ridez


Funko has released a new Batman V Superman edition Batmobile for its Dorbz Ridez line! The figure depicts a new, unseen Batman Dorbz with a more traditional grey and black suit in contrast to the mostly black that we see in Batman V Superman. The Batmobile itself is true to form, with an all black, armored appearance. The propulsion jets are visible on the back, but other gadgetry is withheld in this representation.

The vehicle is roughly the same size as the previously released Classic Batmobile, seen below in black and red, and shaped like the Cadillac seen in the 1960s Batman. Other than the Toy Tokyo exclusives and a Funko Wacky Wobbler Batmobile, these are the only two Funko Ridez we’ve seen widely released that represent the iconic┬áride of the Dark Knight. Perhaps following in the footsteps of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, we may see a full sized Pop! figure and ride that could encapsulate more of the Batmobile’s iconic gadgets and features, or otherwise give us more reason to clear some shelf space.


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