Mattel Releases Six New Batman Action Figures for Batman V Superman

Mattel has released six new Batman action figures in the Batman v Superman line. Some of which showcase weaponry used in the film, and others may be derivative of the comics or other Batman material.

The figures include Battle Armor Batman, Blast Attack Batman (also known as Knightmare Batman), Knight Glider Batman, Gauntlet Assault Batman, Heat Shield Batman, and Grapnel Blast Batman. Let’s take a look at these in relation to Batman history.

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For Gauntlet Assault Batman and Grapnel Blast Batman, these are very classic Batman weapons. The gauntlets that Batman wears have contained some sort of blade, whether dispensable or not, since the 1940s comic. I believe that this green interpretation is an homage to the Kryptonite weapon used in the film. The grapnel that Batman is seen with in the Grapnel Blast figure is also a time honored gadget. Originally a product of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne found the device useful in pursuing villains and moving around Gotham’s rooftops. Most notably, Batman evades the police in his head turning exits with some form of the grapnel gun.

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Blast Attack Batman (nee Knightmare Batman) and Battle Armor Batman both claim their origin in the new Batman V Superman film. Knightmare Batman makes his appearance in Bruce Wayne’s nightmare about a dystopia ruled by Superman. He appears to be an “underground” Batman, concealing his appearance in some ways. The jacket is similar to that of a detective, and probably alludes to Batman’s title as the “World’s Greatest Detective.” Interestingly enough, Bruce Wayne of Earth-43 is also titled Nightmare Batman, and was turned into a vampire but continues to fight crime.

Battle Armor Batman dons the most heavy-weight batsuit we’ve seen yet. The armor fully covers his batsuit, and may give him some strength boosts similar to an Iron Man suit. Otherwise, the main purpose of the suit is protection, and this toy is a great recreation of that.

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Heat Shield Batman does not seem to be derivative of the film, nor any older Batman material. However, it would not be the first time that Batman has employed a shield, or fought an enemy with heat and fire powers. I am guessing that this figure and uniform are truly organic, and I’m really excited about that. Given the shield and orange gauntlets and utility belt, you can imagine this Batman to be relatively unique.

Knight Glider Batman, however, is reminiscent of the Batglider from The Animated Series that was the subject of several toy lines in the 90s. The Batglider was renewed in Batman Begins, which marks the last time we have seen Batman fly without the use of a grapple gun or other device. The Knight Glider on Batman in this figure seems like a completely new design. It is significantly less wide than the original Batglider, and can fold downwards behind his back when not in use. Because of the narrow design of the wings, I imagine that they have some type of propulsion method. Furthermore, the blue Batsuit is a completely new design, and will stand out for that reason.

I am really excited about this new Mattel line of Batman figures, and I’m looking forward to more coming out with the Justice League and Suicide Squad films on the horizon. Look forward to more reviews of new Batman figures!

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