Happy Birthday Joker

In birthday parties, it’s usually a habit to invite a clown. This time, however, is a day that commemorates one of the most iconic clowns in popular culture – The Joker.

It was in April 25, 1940 when The Joker initially appeared in the comic book debut for Batman. Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson was said to be responsible for designing the Joker but it was Bill Finger’s writing that brought character to life. The Joker was supposed to be killed off in that issue but editors decided to spare the villain which, eventually, led him to become Batman’s arch nemesis.

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Top Ten Batman Villains

Batman has encountered quite a number of villains already, most of which are usually criminally insane. From the comic books, these characters have been adapted to animated versions and some brought to life in films (with some alterations).


Compiled from various lists, these are the top ten villains that challenged Batman in his mission to rid Gotham City of criminals.

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