Will The ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ End Up Being Manipulated By Vandal Savage?

Team Legends are divided on how to go about disposing Vandal Savage, especially with Carter Hall’s consciousness at stake. Will they try to talk the evil tyrant into freeing Hawkman’s mind or will they end up being manipulated by the villainous captive?


Personally, I’d go with Heat Wave and Captain Cold’s suggestion to get rid of the immortal madman and leave Hawkman brainless since he can reincarnate anyway. But of course, the elite team tries to arrive at a solution with less blood on their hands. Ray Palmer revealed that the robot “Leviathan” he fought against in the last episode was too technologically advanced for its time. This suggests that Savage travelled through time in order to get such formidable weapon and this could lead him to get incarcerated by the Time Masters.

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Green ‘Arrow’ Trains Magic; Will He Finally Be Able To Stop Damien Darhk And ‘Genesis’?

In “Arrow” season 4 episode 20, Oliver Queen goes to another city to find someone who can help him fight Damien Darhk’s magic while John Diggle confronts Andy and Thea goes on a vacation only to realize that something is off.


Green Arrow’s visit to Hub City

Damien Darhk disposes Milo Armitage and Phaedra Nixon and begins the final phase of something called “Genesis,” the biblical title of the episode. Meanwhile, Oliver advised the team not to go against Darhk until they find a way to counter his black magic. At the counsel of John Constantine, Oliver must go to Hub City and train under a magician who can repel dark magic. Should the training prove successful, will the Green Arrow finally take down Damien Darhk for good?

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Zoom Takes Over Central City With ‘The Flash’ Gone; Who Will Stop Him?

In Season 2 Episode 20, will Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) finally get his powers back and return as “The Flash”?


It appears this is going to be another episode without The Flash because Barry is still reluctant about recreating the accident. He is thinking about the repercussions that it previously had – portals to other dimensions and meta-humans getting created. This despite Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) reassuring that he has found a way to contain the explosion. Can’t trust a scientist, eh? This makes it look like Wells is more determined to get Flash’s powers back, probably due to his contempt for Zoom (Teddy Sears) and his intent on wiping the smug clean out of the evil speedster’s face.

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Azrael Comes To ‘Gotham’ And Kills Someone; Who Will Die?

In this week’s season 2 episode 19 of “Gotham,” we get to see the Theo Galavan’s (James Frain) transformation into knight assassin “Azrael” as he tries to assassinate an important person.


Last episode, Professor Hugo Strange (BD Wong) and Ethel Peabody (Tonya Pinkins) was successful at reanimating a corpse in the person of the former mayor. Perhaps due to the revival experimentations, Theo has developed increased strength and agility. The resurrection, however, caused him to go insane and forget who he was. Theo’s writings on the walls were recognized by Strange as originating from “The Will and Order of St. Dumas,” a book written by medieval knight crusaders whom Theo descended from. As for restoring Theo’s sanity and identity, Strange and Peabody are unsure on how to proceed.

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Tom Cavanagh Talks About Who Is Going To Die In ‘The Flash’ Season Finale [Video]

Hector Navarro and Tom Cavanagh talks about The Flash, Reverse Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow while the Tom helps Hector fix his time machine.

Tom shares more about Harrison Wells, his character from “The Flash” TV show. In the next episode, Harry intend to build a second particle accelerator in order to bring Barry Allen’s powers back. Surely, this attempt is not going to be without some serious repercussions.

This could spell the creation of more bad guys and allies in the persons of, if I might be permitted to add my own assumptions, Jesse Quick and Wally West’s Kid Flash. They seem to be the focus of last week’s “Back to Normal” episode. Though the addition of less-evil speedsters is highly unlikely, I believe that the show need more allies with super powers to help out with The Flash.

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Will Vandal Savage Finally Meet His End In This Episode Of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’?

In the season 4 episode 13 of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” the team travels to the time when Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) is said to be vulnerable. Will they be able to stop him this time?


The episode opens with the Waverider landing in London at year 2166 and being bombarded by Savage’s forces. At this time, the immortal tyrant has subjugated most parts of the world by now which explains why their aircraft is receiving heavy fire. Team Legends has about three days before Rip Hunter’s (Arthur Darvill) family gets killed.

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Black Canary Is Alive! Or Is She?

In this week’s “Arrow” season 4 episode 19, we get to hear the “Canary Cry” once again.

So does this mean Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) is still alive?

We are taken back to a May 2013 at Tommy Merlyn’s funeral when Laurel delivered her own eulogy which was supposed to be done by Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who watches from a distance. This scene will prove crucial later on in the episode.


Moving back to present day, we see the doctor hand over Black Canary’s costume and things to Oliver. Thanks to doctor-patient privilege, Doctor Schwartz (Venus Terzo) won’t be spilling the beans on the Black Canary’s true identity to the public. While all of Team Arrow  are dealing with this tragic loss, perhaps no one is greatly affected as Laurel’s father, Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne).

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How Will ‘The Flash’ Get His Powers Back?

In episode 19 “Back to Normal” of “The Flash,” we get to see Barry Allen in action without his super powers and we also get a possible answer on how The Flash will get his powers back.

Barry struggles as he is reduced to normal after losing his Speed Force to Hunter Zolomon. Among the many things that happened in the last episode, I believe there was no compelling need for The Flash to give up his power in such a naïve and honorable way. Anyways with The Flash speed powers gone, Barry will have to rely on his other skills. This goes to show that, like Batman, anyone can become a superhero whether or not you have a superpower or not.


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Happy Birthday Joker

In birthday parties, it’s usually a habit to invite a clown. This time, however, is a day that commemorates one of the most iconic clowns in popular culture – The Joker.

It was in April 25, 1940 when The Joker initially appeared in the comic book debut for Batman. Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson was said to be responsible for designing the Joker but it was Bill Finger’s writing that brought character to life. The Joker was supposed to be killed off in that issue but editors decided to spare the villain which, eventually, led him to become Batman’s arch nemesis.

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