The Team Meet Their Younger Selves in Episode 12 Of ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’

In episode 12 of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” we see our heroes protect their younger selves from the Time Masters’ deadliest assassin.

Or is she? Well, that’s according to Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) anyway.

The Time Masters sent out their deadliest female hunter named Pilgrim (Faye Kingslee). To ensure minimal damage to the time stream, the Pilgrim may only attack a person at a certain point of his or her life. In the cases of Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) and White Canary (Caity Lotz), the Pilgrim attacked when they were teenagers.

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Top Ten Batman Villains

Batman has encountered quite a number of villains already, most of which are usually criminally insane. From the comic books, these characters have been adapted to animated versions and some brought to life in films (with some alterations).

Compiled from various lists, these are the top ten villains that challenged Batman in his mission to rid Gotham City of criminals.

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Mattel Releases Six New Batman Action Figures for Batman V Superman

Mattel has released six new Batman action figures in the Batman v Superman line. Some of which showcase weaponry used in the film, and others may be derivative of the comics or other Batman material.

The figures include Battle Armor Batman, Blast Attack Batman (also known as Knightmare Batman), Knight Glider Batman, Gauntlet Assault Batman, Heat Shield Batman, and Grapnel Blast Batman. Let’s take a look at these in relation to Batman history.

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For Gauntlet Assault Batman and Grapnel Blast Batman, these are very classic Batman weapons. The gauntlets that Batman wears have contained some sort of blade, whether dispensable or not, since the 1940s comic. I believe that this green interpretation is an homage to the Kryptonite weapon used in the film. The grapnel that Batman is seen with in the Grapnel Blast figure is also a time honored gadget. Originally a product of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne found the device useful in pursuing villains and moving around Gotham’s rooftops. Most notably, Batman evades the police in his head turning exits with some form of the grapnel gun.

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Blast Attack Batman (nee Knightmare Batman) and Battle Armor Batman both claim their origin in the new Batman V Superman film. Knightmare Batman makes his appearance in Bruce Wayne’s nightmare about a dystopia ruled by Superman. He appears to be an “underground” Batman, concealing his appearance in some ways. The jacket is similar to that of a detective, and probably alludes to Batman’s title as the “World’s Greatest Detective.” Interestingly enough, Bruce Wayne of Earth-43 is also titled Nightmare Batman, and was turned into a vampire but continues to fight crime.

Battle Armor Batman dons the most heavy-weight batsuit we’ve seen yet. The armor fully covers his batsuit, and may give him some strength boosts similar to an Iron Man suit. Otherwise, the main purpose of the suit is protection, and this toy is a great recreation of that.

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Heat Shield Batman does not seem to be derivative of the film, nor any older Batman material. However, it would not be the first time that Batman has employed a shield, or fought an enemy with heat and fire powers. I am guessing that this figure and uniform are truly organic, and I’m really excited about that. Given the shield and orange gauntlets and utility belt, you can imagine this Batman to be relatively unique.

Knight Glider Batman, however, is reminiscent of the Batglider from The Animated Series that was the subject of several toy lines in the 90s. The Batglider was renewed in Batman Begins, which marks the last time we have seen Batman fly without the use of a grapple gun or other device. The Knight Glider on Batman in this figure seems like a completely new design. It is significantly less wide than the original Batglider, and can fold downwards behind his back when not in use. Because of the narrow design of the wings, I imagine that they have some type of propulsion method. Furthermore, the blue Batsuit is a completely new design, and will stand out for that reason.

I am really excited about this new Mattel line of Batman figures, and I’m looking forward to more coming out with the Justice League and Suicide Squad films on the horizon. Look forward to more reviews of new Batman figures!

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Season 2 Episode 18 Of ‘The Flash’ Reveals The Truth About Who Zoom Really Is

In season 2 episode 18 of “The Flash,” we finally get to know who Zoom truly is. Entitled “Versus Zoom,” The Flash will attempt to take down Zoom once and for all.

With the help of Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), The Flash (Grant Gustin) is now four times faster and that seems enough for him to have the confidence to take on Zoom (Teddy Sears). Barry Allen asked Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) to try and open a breach since Cisco’s Earth-2 counterpart Reverb was capable of opening gates to other worlds.

Cisco was unable to do so at first but Wells offered a hand by providing him with goggles that enabled him to manipulate trans-dimensional matter. Despite the fact that Cisco’s powers has been unleashed thanks to the device, he still hesitated. Having the power to breach other worlds is a real burden and I totally agree with him. He made some Star Wars references about going to the dark side, which was fun and a bit on point too. But Barry promised to be on Cisco’s side every step of the way to ensure Cisco does not get lured to the darkness. This may have worked for Cisco but it would definitely not work on me. I believe it’s a smarter decision to keep gates to other worlds, hell or otherwise, closed.

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DC Collectibles Creates Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Figures


Today we’ve got an action figure set from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, the 1993 animated movie based on the highly successful Batman: The Animated Series.

The Mask of the Phantasm aided in creating the film noir tone that we associate with current Batman comics and films, especially in cooperation with Tim Burton’s 1989 live-action film, and The Animated Series. Set in Gotham circa 1940, the film depicts young adult Bruce Wayne creating his persona as the Dark Knight, while competing against a masked vigilante who seeks to kill Gotham’s mob leaders. Named only the Phantasm, the non-vocal villain outraces Batman to Gotham’s crime leaders until the film’s end, in which the character is revealed to be Wayne’s former fiance.

The DC Collectibles figure perfectly encapsulates the Phantasm’s mystery, both hiding the character’s identity and gender. The figure is armed with Phantasm’s signature dagger, which she uses to subdue criminals throughout the film, and is seemingly attached to her armor.

On Batman, this is a very similar characterization to what we have seen from The Animated Series action figures. The figure has the signature black and grey bodysuit and cape with blue interior. One of the film elements that these figures support is the doppelganger effect of both masked and caped vigilantes, in which the Phantasm represents the dark, unforgiving crusader, while Batman seeks to uphold justice.

This is a great find and I’m so glad that DC Collectibles went to one of the most popular Batman movies and story arcs to create these compelling figures. I highly recommend grabbing a piece of history with this set.

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Find Out Who Murdered Bruce’s Parents In ‘Gotham’ Season 2 Episode 18

Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) might finally know who is behind his parents’ murder in Season 2 episode 18 of “Gotham.” Matches Malone (Michael Bowen) may have pulled the trigger on Thomas and Martha Wayne but our young hero is determined to find out who had his parents assassinated and why. episode is entitled “Pinewood” and it brings two separate parts into one. One path starts with Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) reuniting with Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie). It appears that Barbara has been rehabilitated and released from Arkham Asylum, or is she? Jim still finds it difficult to trust her, let alone forgive her, after all that they have been through.

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‘Supergirl’ Episode 20 Season Finale Was Mind Blowing

Supergirl will go on a suicide mission in order to save the inhabitants of the planet she now calls home from extinction in the season finale “Better Angels.”

Kara Danvers (portrayed by Melissa Benoist) is tasked not only to save the citizens of National City but also of the entire world.

Last week, the Myriad program took hold of every person’s mind in National City. One of which was Kara’s adoptive sister Alex (portrayed by Chyler Leigh) who was bent on killing the titular heroine. But before she could accomplish it, she was snapped out of her hypnosis by her mother Eliza (played by Helen Slater).

This made them realize that the key to snapping out of the mental prison of the Myriad program is by mentioning  hope. So they arranged to have Supergirl send a message of hope to everyone by broadcasting it on TV. By reaching out to people in this manner, they were eventually able to regain their free will which was robbed by nefarious alien device.

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Bruce Wayne Gotham Funko Pop! #77 Review


Today we’ve got the Funko Pop! figure for Bruce Wayne from the TV series Gotham. This is from the first wave of Pops! for Gotham, and represent season one including Oswald Cobblepot, James Gordon, Selina Kyle, Harvey Bullock, and Fish Mooney.

This Pop! captures the sophistication and expression that David Mazouz brings to the character Bruce Wayne very well. He’s seen in his tie and sweater, similar to what we see him wearing in most scenes. One noticable difference in Bruce’s stance are his hands in his pocket, which shows a little bit of a relaxed attitude, not very noticeable in the depiction of Bruce Wayne in Gotham, or really any other canon production.

I’m really excited that Funko has started making Gotham Pops! and I’m really looking forward to the next wave. I’m hoping that they make Nygma, the future Riddler and eccentric forensic scientist, and the mysterious Silver St. Cloud from season two. Comment and let us know what Pop! you would like to see from Gotham.