Rumor: Who Will Be The Main Villain In Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film?

DC comics movie is set to release a yet to be titled Batman reboot and it will probably feature a generous number of villains from Batman’s rogues gallery.

According to Birth.Death.Movies, sources say that the upcoming Batman film will pit the Dark Knight against several of his most iconic villains. The said bunch are yet to be named but they are sure to be an all-star roster of Bat villains. If you have a favorite villain, name him and he will probably appear in the motion picture.

It was also revealed that these super criminals do not necessarily have to fight Batman in an epic brawl one by one, some might merely make an appearance as the story involves them having been locked up already in Arkham Asylum. The story is said to be similar to that of the video game “Batman: Arkham Asylum” storyline where the bat hero is trapped inside the mental institution where he is forced to take down all of his enemies he brought in there.

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SDCC 2016 Exclusive Armored Batman figure from ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Square Enix is set to release a Play Arts Kai’s Batman figure based from the DC cinematic universe film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Aside from the animated film “Batman: The Killing Joke,” we will also be able to first feast our eyes on the 10 inch tall figure at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

According to IGN, the figure is based on the caped crusader’s armored suit designed to be able to withstand the strength of the alien threat Superman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” He represents how someone without powers can still become an epic a superhero as to match those lucky enough to be blessed with superhuman abilities.

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Relive ‘Wonder Woman’ Grand Entrance in ‘Batman v Superman’

A Japanese website might have what you need if you want to reminisce the epic moment when Wonder Woman joins in the fray in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Head over to Eiga to watch the awesome clip when Wonder Woman first revealed herself as the super heroine. When prompted to choose between two Japanese buttons, make sure to select the one on the left.

In an effort to lure Doomsday away from the city to avoid casualties, Batman (played by Ben Affleck) catches the goliath’s attention. Doomsday sends the Batwing crashing down which placed Batman in a bit of a bind. The Dark Knight sees the behemoth approaching and feels that things does not bode well for him. He may be successful at luring the giant alien but it appears he will be the certain recipient of its following unleash of fury. Doomsday charged his heat vision and fired away at Batman.

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Batman Music: Prince Dead at 57

Prince, one of the many artists who created music for Batman, died at age 57.

Some of Prince Rogers Nelson’s music was used as soundtrack to Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989. He recorded nine songs for the movie and two which were featured in some of the film’s most crucial parts. “Partyman” was played when The Joker, portrayed by Jack Nicholson, and his bodyguards vandalized a museum. The song also featured the voice of Anna Fantastic, Prince’s girlfriend during that time. The scene where The Joker held his own parade and threw away money at random to the people of Gotham is when Prince’s “Trust” is being played in the background.

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Top Ten Batman Villains

Batman has encountered quite a number of villains already, most of which are usually criminally insane. From the comic books, these characters have been adapted to animated versions and some brought to life in films (with some alterations).

Compiled from various lists, these are the top ten villains that challenged Batman in his mission to rid Gotham City of criminals.

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Would You Prefer This Rumored Original Story Of ‘Batman v Superman?

Did you know that the rumored original “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie was more of a “Batman AND Superman”?

Many may agree that BvS did not live up to its expectation of an epic brawl between two of DC’s most iconic superheroes. There are quite a number of reasons for this but it cannot be denied that one of which was its somewhat chaotic story. Many also disapproved of Jesse Eisenberg’s version of Lex Luthor. Another factor why the movie was not well received by many is the inclusion of Doomsday as a minor villain which was supposed to have a great impact on Superman’s existence (and death). A lot also felt the movie had the need to insert as many Justice League characters as possible which felt kind of sloppy and rushed.

Be that as it may, the rumored original story of the movie did not have all of these. A source who works with BvS writer David Goyer and Warner Bros shared with Bobby Anhalt from Moviepilot of how the film would have been.

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Find Out Who Murdered Bruce’s Parents In ‘Gotham’ Season 2 Episode 18

Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) might finally know who is behind his parents’ murder in Season 2 episode 18 of “Gotham.” Matches Malone (Michael Bowen) may have pulled the trigger on Thomas and Martha Wayne but our young hero is determined to find out who had his parents assassinated and why. episode is entitled “Pinewood” and it brings two separate parts into one. One path starts with Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) reuniting with Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie). It appears that Barbara has been rehabilitated and released from Arkham Asylum, or is she? Jim still finds it difficult to trust her, let alone forgive her, after all that they have been through.

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Editor Reveals That The First Cut of ‘Batman v Superman’ Was Four Hours Long

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” opened in theatres almost a month ago and the movie ran for about two hours and 31 minutes. An R-rated “Ultimate Cut” slated to be released this year is expected to run for three hours. But according to film editor David Brenner, the first cut of “Batman v Superman” before it was edited was four hours long! That’s like the length of two separate movies already.

Brenner disclosed in an interview with Steven Hullfish from Pro Video Coalition that, like the usual process in feature films, some parts of the film had to be removed in order to come up with a more refined story. Initially, the movie had too many subplots than what was presented in the film and these paths usually focus on a single character. Everything started moving only when those solo paths converged at one point in the film – when the contents of the White Portugese ship was revealed.

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